Email Journal for compliance and data protection


Email journaling is a critical tool to preserve a secure capture of all email in-out and be legally compliant. Email is a major communications between you and your business partner and some of your email correspondence has juridical evidence and is legally binding. Email compliance has become one of the biggest areas of concern for company.

Why choose Email journaling rather and Email archiving?

Journaling refers to capturing email while it is in transit(in/out). Emails are captured and stored in insolated repository/location. Users should have no right to access to their journal emails. Email Journaling will keep/freeze original email information for the juridical evidence. Archiving is off-load or backup their email messages from primary email system such as Exchange or Lotus Notes. User can delete some emails before the archiving, certainly, some email will be lost. So archiving generally does not occur while the electronic message is in transit and Normally the archived email messages will store into the local computer or user selected location. Users still have full right to access to their own archived messages. That mean users still have the right to delete, amend the email from the archived off-load location.

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Pricing Scheme

Email journal price calculation method is per email domain.

For example, The domain of has 100 mailboxes.

The price per email-box for each month is US$2.

Monthly total is US$2 x 100 = USD200